remove unused olap read

parent 1f5cd46b
......@@ -108,12 +108,7 @@ CONTAINS
WRITE (6, '(A)') new_line('n')//' k-point '//'band tail pole total(valence+core)'
! read in lower triangle part of overlap matrix from direct acces file olap
CALL olap%init(hmat%l_real, nbasfcn, nbasfcn)
CALL read_olap(olap, kpts%nkpt*(jsp - 1) + nk)
IF (.NOT. olap%l_real) olap%data_c = conjg(olap%data_c)
CALL z%init(olap%l_real, nbasfcn, input%neig)
CALL z%init(hmat%l_real, nbasfcn, input%neig)
call read_z(atoms, cell, hybdat, kpts, sym, noco, nococonv, input, nk, jsp, z)
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