Commit a974804c authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

Fixed problem in film+spinspiral. Does run, perhaps not correct yet..

parent 926ac62a
......@@ -163,9 +163,9 @@ CONTAINS
!---> hamiltonian update
DO i = mpi%n_rank+1,lapw%nv(jspin2),mpi%n_size
i0=(i-1)/mpi%n_size+1 !local column index
ik = map2(i,jspin1)
DO j = 1,i
jk = map2(j,jspin2)
ik = map2(i,jspin2)
DO j = 1,MIN(i,lapw%nv(jspin1))
jk = map2(j,jspin1)
IF (jspin2>jspin1) THEN
hij = CONJG(CONJG(a(j,jspin2))* (tuuv(jk,ik)*a(i,jspin1) +tudv(jk,ik)*b(i,jspin1))&
+ CONJG(b(j,jspin2))* (tddv(jk,ik)*b(i,jspin1) +tduv(jk,ik)*a(i,jspin1)))
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