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Commit b051de0b authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek
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Add error message in io/io_matrix.F90/read_matrix_DA if the matrix dimensions are wrong

parent 0f321e18
......@@ -87,7 +87,13 @@ CONTAINS
READ(id,rec=rec,iostat=err) matsize1,matsize2
if (matsize1<1) call judft_error("Data not found in file")
IF (mat%matsize1.NE.matsize1.OR.mat%matsize2.NE.matsize2) CALL mat%alloc(l_real,matsize1,matsize2)
IF (mat%matsize1.NE.matsize1.OR.mat%matsize2.NE.matsize2) THEN
WRITE(*,*) 'mat%matsize1 = ', mat%matsize1
WRITE(*,*) 'mat%matsize2 = ', mat%matsize2
WRITE(*,*) 'stored matsize1 = ', matsize1
WRITE(*,*) 'stored matsize2 = ', matsize2
CALL juDFT_error("matrix size wrong", calledby="read_matrix_DA")
IF (mat%l_real) THEN
READ(id,rec=rec,iostat=err) matsize1,matsize2,mat%data_r
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