Commit b6689356 authored by Gustav Bihlmayer's avatar Gustav Bihlmayer
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Changed the direction of the shift of the crystal in case an inversion

plus translation is present. Now, its a pure inversion again.
parent 990393dc
......@@ -194,10 +194,10 @@
IF(ANY(ABS(tau(:,inversionOp)).GT.eps7)) THEN
WRITE(*,*) 'Found inversion center at finite position.'
WRITE(*,*) 'Shifting crystal by:'
WRITE(*,'(3f15.10)') 0.5*tau(:,inversionOp)
WRITE(*,'(3f15.10)') -0.5*tau(:,inversionOp) ! changed to minus
WRITE(*,*) ''
DO k = 1, ABS(natin)
atompos(:,k) = atompos(:,k) + 0.5*tau(:,inversionOp)
atompos(:,k) = atompos(:,k) - 0.5*tau(:,inversionOp) ! GB`18
CALL spg_gen(
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