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Commit b7132ca3 authored by P.Buhl's avatar P.Buhl
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wann_setup interface for wannier2.0 library

parent 50799d23
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ c******************************************************
+ atoms_cart_loc, gamma_only_loc, spinors_loc, nntot_loc,
+ nnlist_loc, nncell_loc, num_bands_loc, num_wann_loc,
+ proj_site_loc, proj_l_loc, proj_m_loc, proj_radial_loc,
+ proj_z_loc, proj_x_loc, proj_zona_loc, exclude_bands_loc)
+ proj_z_loc, proj_x_loc, proj_zona_loc, exclude_bands_loc,
+ proj_s_loc,proj_s_qaxis_loc)
implicit none
integer, parameter :: dp = selected_real_kind(15,300)
......@@ -107,6 +108,10 @@ c******************************************************
+ proj_zona_loc
integer, dimension(num_bands_tot), intent(out) ::
+ exclude_bands_loc
integer, dimension(num_bands_tot), optional, intent(out) ::
+ proj_s_loc
real(kind=dp), dimension(3,num_bands_tot), optional,
+ intent(out) :: proj_s_qaxis_loc
end subroutine wannier_setup
end interface
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