Commit bcd5f793 authored by Frank Freimuth's avatar Frank Freimuth

Update wann_wannierize.F

parent 3c46b9cb
......@@ -271,12 +271,14 @@ c******** read amn-matrix
open (303,file=spin12(jspin)//'.amn',
& form='formatted',status='old')
read (303,*)
read (303,'(3i5)')
! read (303,'(3i5)')
do ikpt = 1,num_kpts
do nwf = 1,num_wann
do i = 1,num_bands
c print*,"ikpt=",ikpt,"nwf=",nwf,"i=",i
read (303,'(3i5,3x,2f18.12)') i2,nwf2,ikpt2,realp,imagp
c read (303,'(3i5,3x,2f18.12)') i2,nwf2,ikpt2,realp,imagp
read (303,*) i2,nwf2,ikpt2,realp,imagp
c print*,"i2=",i2,"nwf2=",nwf2,"ikpt2=2",ikpt2
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