Commit c86392c0 authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

goto develop

parent 51357d52
......@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ CONTAINS
CALL zMat%init(l_real,nbasfcn,noccbd)
CALL read_eig(eig_id,ikpt,jsp,n_start=nStart,n_end=nEnd,neig=nbands,zmat=zMat)
call set_zPrime(dim_idx, zMat, kpts%bk(:,ikpt), lapw, zPrime)
call set_zPrime(dim_idx, zMat, kpts%bk(:,ikpt), lapw, cell, zPrime)
#ifdef CPP_MPI
CALL MPI_BARRIER(mpi%mpi_comm,iErr) ! Synchronizes the RMA operations
......@@ -460,23 +460,27 @@ CONTAINS
CALL timestop("cdnval")
subroutine set_zPrime(dim_idx, zMat, kpt, lapw, zPrime)
subroutine set_zPrime(dim_idx, zMat, kpt, lapw, cell, zPrime)
USE m_types
implicit none
INTEGER, intent(in) :: dim_idx
TYPE (t_mat), intent(in) :: zMat
REAL, intent(in) :: kpt(3)
TYPE(t_lapw), intent(in) :: lapw
TYPE(t_cell), intent(in) :: cell
TYPE (t_mat) :: zPrime
REAL :: fac
REAL :: k_plus_g(3), fac
INTEGER :: basis_idx
call zPrime%free()
call zPrime%init(zMat)
do basis_idx = 1,size(lapw%gvec,dim=2)
fac = kpt(dim_idx) + lapw%gvec(dim_idx,basis_idx,1)
k_plus_g = kpt + lapw%gvec(:,basis_idx,1)
k_plus_g = internal_to_rez(cell, k_plus_g)
fac = k_plus_g(dim_idx)
if(zPrime%l_real) then
zPrime%data_r(basis_idx,:) = fac * zPrime%data_r(basis_idx,:)
......@@ -484,4 +488,14 @@ CONTAINS
end subroutine set_zPrime
function internal_to_rez(cell, vec) result(res)
use m_types
implicit none
type(t_cell), intent(in) :: cell
real, intent(in) :: vec(3)
real :: res(3)
res = matmul(transpose(cell%bmat), vec)
end function internal_to_rez
END MODULE m_metagga
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