Commit cbf3c4d5 authored by Uliana Alekseeva's avatar Uliana Alekseeva
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adjusted for >999 atoms

parent 42b3915c
......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ CONTAINS
'branchLowest ','branchHighest','value '/),&
WRITE(6,'(a6,i3,i2,a1,a12,f6.2,a3,f6.2,a13,f8.4)') ' Atom',n,nqn,ch(l),' branch from',&
WRITE(6,'(a6,i5,i2,a1,a12,f6.2,a3,f6.2,a13,f8.4)') ' Atom',n,nqn,ch(l),' branch from',&
e_lo, ' to',e_up,' htr. ; e_l =',e
END FUNCTION priv_method1
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