Commit ce95a8b2 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

Merge branch 'develop' into relaxation

parents c5ee8c07 5175e5ca
......@@ -264,11 +264,11 @@
! New format
ALLOCATE(E%sigEF(3*k1d, 3*k2d, nvac))
E%sigEF = 0.0
if (allocated(e%shapes)) then
DO i=1,SIZE(e%shapes)
CALL read_shape (E, e%shapes(i), nvac)
IF (e%l_eV) THEN
E%sig_b(:) = E%sig_b/hartree_to_ev_const
E%sigEF(:,:,:) = E%sigEF/hartree_to_ev_const
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