Commit d151ddff authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

drop k's from hf_setup

parent c8c2eb16
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ CONTAINS
! local scalars
INTEGER :: ok, nk, nrec1, i, j, ll, l1, l2, ng, itype, n, l, n1, n2, nn
INTEGER :: nbasfcn
INTEGER :: nbasfcn, n_dim
! local arrays
......@@ -167,9 +167,9 @@ CONTAINS
hybdat%pntgptd = 0
DO nk = 1, kpts%nkptf
CALL lapw%init(input, noco, kpts, atoms, sym, nk, cell, sym%zrfs)
hybdat%pntgptd(1) = MAXVAL((/(ABS(lapw%k1(i, jsp)), i=1, lapw%nv(jsp)), hybdat%pntgptd(1)/))
hybdat%pntgptd(2) = MAXVAL((/(ABS(lapw%k2(i, jsp)), i=1, lapw%nv(jsp)), hybdat%pntgptd(2)/))
hybdat%pntgptd(3) = MAXVAL((/(ABS(lapw%k3(i, jsp)), i=1, lapw%nv(jsp)), hybdat%pntgptd(3)/))
do n_dim = 1,3
hybdat%pntgptd(n_dim) = MAXVAL([(ABS(lapw%gvec(n_dim,i, jsp)), i=1), lapw%nv(jsp), hybdat%pntgptd(n_dim) ])
end do
ALLOCATE (hybdat%pntgpt(-hybdat%pntgptd(1):hybdat%pntgptd(1), -hybdat%pntgptd(2):hybdat%pntgptd(2), &
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