Commit d2e6d06b authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann
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First bugfix for #172

parent 41efcb0d
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ CONTAINS
CALL fft3d(mx,my, den_pw(:,3), stars,+1)
DO i=0,SIZE(rho,1)-1
DO i=0,MIN(SIZE(rho,1),size(mx))-1
rhotot= 0.5*( rho(i,1) + rho(i,2) )
magmom(i)= SQRT( (0.5*(rho(i,1)-rho(i,2)))**2 + mx(i)**2 + my(i)**2 )
rho(i,1)= rhotot+magmom(i)
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