Commit de0fdf65 authored by Miriam Hinzen's avatar Miriam Hinzen
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Correct a Line in io/rw_inp.f90 For Usage of Old Input

parent 7bb515bc
......@@ -899,9 +899,9 @@
9160 FORMAT ('gauss=',l1,f10.5,'tria=',l1)
WRITE (5,9170) input%frcor,sliceplot%slice,input%ctail
9170 FORMAT ('frcor=',l1,',slice=',l1,',ctail=',l1)
WRITE (5,9180) input%itmax,input%maxiter,input%imix,input%alpha,input%preconditioning_param,input%spinf
WRITE (5,9180) input%itmax,input%maxiter,input%imix,input%alpha,input%spinf
9180 FORMAT ('itmax=',i3,',maxiter=',i3,',imix=',i2,',alpha=',&
& f6.2,',preconditioning_param=',f3.1,',spinf=',f6.2)
& f6.2,',spinf=',f6.2)
WRITE (chntype,'(i3)') atoms%ntype
chform = '("swsp=",l1,'//chntype//'f6.2)'
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