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Added more documentation for testing

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# all the following lines should have the following structure:
# TESTNAME is the name of the test (your choice)
# TESTDIR is the subdirectory of tests/tests in the source directory in which the test is defined
# BINDIR is the name of the executable to test (i.e. fleur or fleur_INVS or fleur_SOC or ...)
# MPIEXEC (optional) is the additional stuff you have to add to start an MPI programm
add_test(CuBulk ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/tests/ CuBulk "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/fleur")
#add_test(NAME test2 WORKING_DIRECTORY tests COMMAND $ENV{HOME}/bin/testcmake a1 a2 )
add_test(test $ENV{HOME}/bin/testcmake arg1 arg2 )
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