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Commit e6ca4924 authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies
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move olap to type

parent be2e95e7
......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ CONTAINS
! with a eigenvalue greater then hybrid%tolerance1 are retained
! Calculate overlap
call calc_olap_radbasfn(atoms, mpbasis, l, itype, gridf, olap)
call mpbasis%calc_olap_radbasfn(atoms, l, itype, gridf, olap)
! Diagonalize
CALL diagonalize(eigv, eig, olap)
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ module m_types_mpbasis
procedure :: gen_gvec => mpbasis_gen_gvec
procedure :: check_orthonormality => mpbasis_check_orthonormality
procedure :: check_radbasfn => mpbasis_check_radbasfn
procedure :: calc_olap_radbasfn => mpbasis_calc_olap_radbasfn
end type t_mpbasis
function mpbasis_num_gpts(mpbasis)
......@@ -234,4 +235,33 @@ contains
end subroutine mpbasis_check_radbasfn
subroutine mpbasis_calc_olap_radbasfn(mpbasis, atoms, l, itype, gridf, olap)
USE m_intgrf, ONLY: intgrf
use m_types
implicit NONE
class(t_mpbasis), intent(in) :: mpbasis
type(t_atoms), intent(in) :: atoms
integer, intent(in) :: l, itype
real, intent(in) :: gridf(:,:)
real, intent(inout), allocatable :: olap(:,:)
integer :: n1, n2, n_radbasfn
n_radbasfn = mpbasis%num_radbasfn(l, itype)
if(allocated(olap)) then
if(any(shape(olap) /= n_radbasfn)) then
if(.not. allocated(olap)) allocate(olap(n_radbasfn, n_radbasfn), source=0.0)
DO n2 = 1, n_radbasfn
DO n1 = 1, n2
olap(n1, n2) = intgrf(mpbasis%radbasfn_mt(:,n1, l, itype)*mpbasis%radbasfn_mt(:,n2, l, itype), &
atoms, itype, gridf)
olap(n2, n1) = olap(n1, n2)
end subroutine mpbasis_calc_olap_radbasfn
end module m_types_mpbasis
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