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......@@ -3,16 +3,41 @@ Welcome to the source code of FLEUR
Please note that the documentation of the
code can be found at the [FLEUR Homepage]
For further instructions on Installation/Usage,
please check the [FLEUR Homepage]
The rest of this document summarizes only the
structure of the FLEUR source code. Did
we mention to check the Homepage?
## Bugs in FLEUR
You might experience bugs in FLEUR :-).
If you find a bug you should:
A) Report this bug by generating an Issue. Please describe in
detail the relevant input and what happens. You should consider using
the bug-template for your issue as this will help you providing us with
the relevant information.
B) Provide a bugfix. If the bug is only present in the development branch/ is due
to a new feature under development. Please simply commit your bug to the development branch.
If you are fixing a bug in a release-version, please:
* check out the git release branch: ```git checkout --track origin/release```
* create a bugfix branch: ```git checkout -b bugfix_SOME_NAME_HERE```
* apply your changes, test them and commit them
* push your bugfix branch to the server: ``` git push -u origin bugfix_SOME_NAME_HERE```
* create a merge request on the gitlab to have you bugfix merged with the release branch
* check out the develop branch: ```git checkout develop```
* merge your fix into the develop branch: ```git merge bugfix_SOME_NAME_HERE```
## Structure of the source code
The source of FLEUR is organized in several
subdirectories. Some of them collect code
specific for particular features, others code
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