Commit f1db4805 authored by Uliana Alekseeva's avatar Uliana Alekseeva
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Test for the elpa_2016.05.003 was changed so that it can be

distinguished from the version 2016.05.004
parent b303443b
program test
use elpa1
integer:: ierr,mpi_subcom, myrowblacs, mycolblacs
integer:: mpi_comm_rows,mpi_comm_cols,m,nb,mycolssca
integer:: mpi_comm_rows,mpi_comm_cols,m,nb,mycolssca,myrowssca
logical :: ok
real :: bsca(10,10)
ok=CHOLESKY_real (m,bsca,SIZE(bsca,1),nb,mycolssca,mpi_comm_rows,mpi_comm_cols,.false.)
real :: bsca(10,10),asca(10,10),eigvec(10,10)
ok= mult_at_b_real('U', 'L',m,m,bsca,myrowssca,asca,SIZE(asca,1),nb, mpi_comm_rows, mpi_comm_cols,eigvec,myrowssca)
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