Commit f621a67a authored by Henning Janssen's avatar Henning Janssen

Bugfixes for Hubbard 1

parent 592e2a6e
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ MODULE m_hubbard1_io
CALL writeValue(input_iounit,"Np_max",18)
CALL writeValue(input_iounit,"Np_min",MAX(0,n-hub1inp%n_occpm))
CALL writeValue(input_iounit,"Np_max",MIN(2*(2*l+1),hub1inp%n_occpm))
CALL writeValue(input_iounit,"Np_max",MIN(2*(2*l+1),n+hub1inp%n_occpm))
CALL comment(input_iounit,"Parameters for the case with bath states (only used when bath is present)",1)
CALL writeValue(input_iounit,"Nbath_exc",2)
......@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@ CONTAINS
! Initialize Green's function (start)
IF(gfinp%n>0) CALL gOnsite%init(gfinp,input,noco)
! Initialize Green's function (end)
IF(atoms%n_hia) CALL hub1data%init(atoms,hub1inp)
! Open/allocate eigenvector storage (start)
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