Commit fa2d0c11 authored by Frank Freimuth's avatar Frank Freimuth

Update wann_uHu_dmi.F

parent 334993c9
......@@ -238,6 +238,8 @@ c ..local scalars..
TYPE(t_mat) :: zMat, zzMat, zMat_b, zMat_b2
TYPE(t_lapw) :: lapw_b, lapw_b2
eig_id = eig_idList(1)
if(.not.l_socgwf) stop 'wann_uHu_dmi only with l_socgwf=T'
if(l_sgwf) stop 'wann_uHu_dmi only with l_sgwf=F'
if(l_noco) stop 'noco and dmi not implemented'
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