Commit fa3a69b9 authored by Henning Janssen's avatar Henning Janssen

Another bugfix

parent 724a57a1
......@@ -559,7 +559,7 @@ CONTAINS
atomTypep = this%elem(i_gf)%atomTypep
iContour = this%elem(i_gf)%iContour
l_sphavgElem = this%elem(i_gf)%l_sphavg
IF(l_sphavgElem /= l_sphavgArg) CYCLE
IF(l_sphavgElem .neqv. l_sphavgArg) CYCLE
iUnique = this%find(l,atomType,iContour,l_sphavgElem,lp=lp,nTypep=atomTypep,&
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