1. 02 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      Some modifications to make the program work with complex phases: · a799828d
      Gustav Bihlmayer authored
      changed phas(n) in spgrot.f to cc. Use cc of pgfft in pwden.F90,
      partially in fft(3,2)d(xc).f90, and of phas in cdnovlp.F90.
      Introduce complex phase & derived variables in q_int_sl.f90, hsint.F90,
      vacfun.f90, potdis.f90. Initializations in strgn.f90, real arguments
      for dot_product() in pwint(_sl).f90 & phasy1.f90. Stop message in
      rw_symfile.f changed to 'complex phases not fully tested'.
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