1. 06 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      Some initializations that may prevent writing garbage to the garbage section of cdn.hdf · 84bb95e9
      Gregor Michalicek authored
      valgrind reports that some uninitialized bytes are in a buffer to be written out to cdn.hdf.
      The bytes surely are in that part of the buffer that does not contain relevant data. To me
      The reported line for the error source is the close operation for the file. Therefore
      it is not clear whether this originates from fleur or from HDF5. I can only identify that
      this appeared while writing out the stars. Therefore I initialized every associated array
      that did not seem to be initialized before setting the relevant elements to certain values.
      I had to start valgrind with --num-callers=25 to see at least the fleur context for the
      reported missing initializations.
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      Some initializations. I don't see how they should be important... · 73adfb0f
      Gregor Michalicek authored
      ...but Lord Valgrind demands that I correct them. :)
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      Corrected theoretically possible segmentation fault in io/xmlIntWrapFort.f90 · 50806f8b
      Gregor Michalicek authored
      The issue was due to the reading of a c string into a fortran character array.
      Up to now all 255 elements were read into the array and later the output
      was reduced to the part in front of the c string termination null character.
      Of course, this is wrong and valgrind complained. Everything after the string
      termination character might not belong to the program. Therefore I fixed this.
      But to my knowledge this issue never produced a problem.
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