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    Make Fleur compilable again (on MY machine) · b1b24dc5
    Gregor Michalicek authored
    This commit should not change anything, but it does.
    The Intel compiler seems to be sensitive on the order and position
    of use statements. Without this change the compilation of Fleur
    hangs at several places. I don't have a general principle on
    how and where the use statements should be, but:
    1. more general use statements should be before use statements that
    themselves use the more general one.
    2. use statements should be simple. No ", only ..."
    3. Less use statements is better. If there are several subroutines
    in a module put the use statements generally into the module and not
    into the subroutines.
    The reality, however, seems to be slightly more complex.
    This might also be connected to the underlying hardware resources.