Commit 1ba8d43c authored by Robin Hilgers's avatar Robin Hilgers

Declarations are still needed in 2019

parent 32adf579
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ CONTAINS
COMPLEX :: cil
REAL :: temp
INTEGER i,l,l2,lamda,lh,lm,lmin,lmin0,lmp,lmpl,lmplm,lmx,lmxx,lp,info,in
INTEGER lp1,lpl ,mem,mems,mp,mu,nh,na,m,nsym,s,i_u,jspin1,jspin2
INTEGER lp1,lpl ,mem,mems,mp,mu,nh,na,m,nsym,s,i_u,jspin1,jspin2,jsp
ALLOCATE( dvd(0:atoms%lmaxd*(atoms%lmaxd+3)/2,0:sphhar%nlhd ))
ALLOCATE( dvu(0:atoms%lmaxd*(atoms%lmaxd+3)/2,0:sphhar%nlhd ))
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