Commit a66013c6 authored by Uliana Alekseeva's avatar Uliana Alekseeva

Bugfix to e2a9c5

parent 2e771840
...@@ -87,19 +87,21 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -87,19 +87,21 @@ CONTAINS
CALL elpa_uninit() CALL elpa_uninit()
! END of ELPA stuff ! END of ELPA stuff
! !
! Put those eigenvalues expected by chani to eig, i.e. for ! Each process has all eigenvalues in output
! process i these are eigenvalues i+1, np+i+1, 2*np+i+1... eig(:ne) = eig2(:ne)
! Redistribute eigenvectors from ScaLAPACK distribution to each process, i.e. for
! process i these are eigenvectors i+1, np+i+1, 2*np+i+1...
! Only num=num2/np eigenvectors per process
! !
num=ne num=ne
ne=0 ne=0
DO i=myid+1,num,np DO i=myid+1,num,np
ne=ne+1 ne=ne+1
! !
! Redistribute eigvec from ScaLAPACK distribution to each process
! having all eigenvectors corresponding to his eigenvalues as above
! !
ALLOCATE(t_mpimat::ev) ALLOCATE(t_mpimat::ev)
CALL ev%init(hmat%l_real,hmat%global_size1,hmat%global_size1,hmat%blacsdata%mpi_com,.FALSE.) CALL ev%init(hmat%l_real,hmat%global_size1,hmat%global_size1,hmat%blacsdata%mpi_com,.FALSE.)
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