Commit faf0d0d4 authored by Alexander Neukirchen's avatar Alexander Neukirchen

just a casual sunday commit

parent 8bd7e078
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ CONTAINS
USE m_dwigner
USE m_ylm
USE m_metagga
! USE m_plot
USE m_plot
#ifdef CPP_MPI
USE m_mpi_bc_potden
......@@ -151,9 +151,9 @@ CONTAINS
! IF ((sliceplot%iplot.NE.0 ).AND.(mpi%irank==0) ) THEN
! CALL makeplots(input%jspins,noco,sliceplot%iplot,PLOT_INPDEN,inDen)
IF ((sliceplot%iplot.NE.0 ).AND.(mpi%irank==0) ) THEN
CALL makeplots(mpi,sym,stars,vacuum,atoms,sphhar,input,cell,oneD,noco,sliceplot,inDen,sliceplot%iplot,PLOT_INPDEN)
! Initialize and load inDen density (end)
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  • @hilgers: Well. It builds. score turned into an input logical and is passed to the if-statement removing the core charges, but I am everything but convinced this is how it will work. It refers to a file 'cdnc' that is not given in the HDF-compiled case iirc.

    Nevertheless, the plot routine should now be able to plot the density matrix in the same way the old plotdop.f90 did. We can start testing that.

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