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      Forwarded a bugfix from the "old-git" fleur · 76bfbae0
      Gregor Michalicek authored
      From the commit message in the old git:
          Fixed bug in geneigprobl:
          The LAPACK routine ssyevr and similar routines expect the result
          array for the eigenvalues to have the length of the dimension of
          the matrix that it diagonalizes. The eig array that is used for
          this purpose only has the length of the number of eigenvalues
          that are supposed to be computed. This problem is fixed in this
          commit by introducing a temporary and large enough eigTemp array
          from which the eigenvalues are copied to the actual eig array
          after calculating them.
          Note that the bug that is corrected here actually showed up
          only sporadically in the deallocation of bkpt in eigen.F
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