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Looking at the resulting `inp.xml`{{open} file one can now check all default parameters generated.
The next step is to configure FLEUR using its tool.
We are now ready to run the first FLEUR calculation `./fleur`{{execute}}.
It's most basic usage is simply:
This will lead to:
* FLEUR reading the inp.xml file
* at first a starting density will be generated.
* then 9 self-consistency iterations will be performed
* FLEUR will show the distances between the input- and output-densities for the iterations.
This configure step will print a summary of the configuration and create a directory 'build' in which FLEUR will be compiled.
You can use `fleur/ -h`{{execute}} to find more options. In particular you might have to:
* set a compiler using the CC and FC environment variables
* add linker/compiler options
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