Authored by Ingo Heimbach

git history-move

Usage: git history-move [-d] [-r file regex] <target-directory> [<rev-list options>]

A helper script for `git filter-branch` for moving selected files to another directory in Git history.

positional arguments:
  <target-directory>   The target directory the selected files will be moved to.
  <rev-list options>   Arguments for `git rev-list`. All positive refs included by these options are rewritten.
                       See `man git-filter-branch` for more details.

optional arguments:
  -d   Dry run, only print files that would be moved.
  -r   Regex filter for files being moved, defaults to '.*' (matches every string).
       Hint: By default the regex will match every substring of a given file path,
             use '^{regex}$' to match the complete string instead.
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