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    ## Minor update of cfGUI: Help/Documentation (August 3rd 2023) · 5f3a4e3c
    Stephan Kelm authored and Daniel Schumacher's avatar Daniel Schumacher committed
    * Markdown documentation from containmentFOAM repository can now be displayed in cfGUI
    ## Minor bugfixes in cfGUI templates (July 19th 2023) 
    * radiationProperties
    * boundaryConditions
    * logics
    ## Major refactoring and update of cfSolutionMonitor (January 31st 2023) 
    * new taskbar icon, splash screen
    * store and load session option
    * adaptive time step dialog 
    * refactoring GUI, layout manager, popups 
    * runtime performance improvement
    * generic code refactoring
    * update of [documentation](doc/
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