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Release 0.2.1

Jan Caron requested to merge release-0.2.0 into master

Added some preliminary features of 0.3, documentation, fixes and quality o life updates:

Changes & Additions:

  • Added some more documentations, e.g. added io.rst.
  • Converted scale to floats everywhere it is set by default.
  • Changed default behaviour of create_vector_homog:
    • 3D Fields now always has 3 components (if theta is not set explicitely, the arrows are oriented in the xy-plane).
    • 2D Fields have only 2 components by default (theta=None), but gain a third component if theta is specified.
  • Added comp_pos argument to from_signal method, that can be used to specify which axis holds the components. Also usable by load_field function! Useful for backwards compatibilty with Pyramid.
  • More documentations and more fine control over vector and skyrmion chirality and orientation. Closes #47 (closed)!.
  • colors: Added a namespace for colormaps (instead of a dictionary) to ease access to the maps. CMAP_CIRCULAR_DEFAULT is therefore deprecated now!
  • plot2d: significantly simplified the symmetric color map handling with DivergingNorm (which was built for exactly that).


  • Fixed vector default and name saving in
  • Fixed vector default and necessity of dim in
  • Fixed erronous dim -> scale assignment in
  • Fixed interp_to_regular_grid not using the multidim. scale correctly.
  • Fixed create_vector_singularity function.
  • Removed superfluous enumeration in reader/writer in io_field.
  • Various smaller bug-Fixes in io.
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