Possibility to read mcpl format particles list files and plot the distributions

Norberto Schmidt requested to merge mcpl into master

The main changes proposed in this branch are:

  • added a function to read files in mcpl format,
  • added the capability to graph the distributions of the variables that are usually used in tallies (u, v, w, E, t, a),
  • added some commands to create the x and y axes, in a linear or logarithmic range, depending on how the user wants to graph the distributions.

Some minor changes are:

  • changed the format of the units, so that they are plotted using the mathrm function of LaTeX,
  • changed the format of the graph information, so that the text is graphed using the LaTeX mathrm function,
  • added the possibility to change the position of the information by means of the command set info position.

In the tests/ folder the following files can be found:

  • tally of surface current, obtained by a PHITS simulation, with the angular, energetic and temporal distributions,
  • particle list file for the same surface,
  • input example to be executed with McTal.

Running mctal tracks-vs-tallies.mct should show the attached graph. It can be observed that the results obtained through the analysis of the particles list file are equivalent to the recorded tallies. In addition, it is noted that the information currently cannot be shown in its entirety if it is placed outside the graph.


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